Discover your mission now to start living your greatest life.

Most people want purpose in life. Regardless. It sounds nice, but it’s hard to achieve.

You may have preconceived ideas about life’s purpose if you haven’t thought much about your own purpose. Family and community shape our ideas about life. Our goal is to marry and have children. Or maybe it’s making a certain amount of money or achieving a certain status.

These accomplishments don’t bring the same fulfilment as finding your purpose. A personal sense of purpose is an ongoing impact on the world, big or small. Why? Purpose.

It guides and sustains you. Over time. Purpose gives you stability and direction when setbacks occur. Find purpose to live a happy, healthy life.

Asking your purpose may seem lofty, but it’s important. Responding. Discovering your purpose can boost your happiness and success.

What is life’s purpose, why does it matter, and 12 steps to finding it?

Life’s meaning

For centuries, philosophers have debated “life’s purpose.” Not here. Purpose matters.

Most ask, “Why am I here?” It’s either terrifying or thrilling. This existential question can lead to a better sense of self and more rewarding paths forward.

Your life’s purpose is like your fingerprint. Everyone has unique talents, experiences, skills, and interests. Purpose is your reason for being. It’s why you get out of bed when the day is dreary, you’re tired, and the tasks and challenges ahead are hard or boring.

Purpose is the long-term goal. Never-ending. Even purpose can wear you down. Your purpose should blend with your interests and joy.

Following your joy is called ikigai in Japan. Ikigai has become popular in the West as a way to find dream jobs.

The idea is to combine what you love with what the world needs and will pay for. Passion and practicality inform your sense of purpose.

You may have found your ikigai at work. A doctor hopes to help sick people and ease suffering.

For others, connecting work to personal purpose is difficult. Between work, family, and social expectations, we often abandon the idealistic version of ourselves that seeks meaning and purpose. We believe meaning and purpose can’t coexist with pragmatism. No good.

Purpose sustains you over time. Even when life feels like a series of compromises, you can still find your purpose by doing what brings you joy.