3 Steps to Be An Optimist

The more balanced and positive your mental and emotional state is, the more your choices, behavior, actions and results reflect that, and your experience of life improves. While we can look at research that shows some potential benefits of optimism, and linkages between the level of a person’s optimism and things like their health and longevity, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or research studies to tell us what we already know inherently…

Source: www.thedailypositive.com/3-steps-to-be-an-optimist/

Practice the 3 steps of an optimist below. As situations or experiences unfold in your day, or as any thoughts about the present or future come up – say to yourself… CONSCIOUSLY INTERPRETING – What is a neutral (or positive) way of interpreting this situation? Remember neutral is always available – as it’s simply focusing on the pure facts without any meaning added, no judgment, no opinion. GRATEFUL – What am I grateful for? Look for something to be grateful for in/around the situation or simply in your life generally (giving thanks for something already in existence shifts your energy state immediately and helps you to feel lighter).  OPTIMISTIC – What is a new possibility? Open your mind up to the endless array of possibilities that might be available going forward, even simply by acknowledging there ARE possibilities that you can’t see right now. An easy reminder is the acronym C G O.